Our company offers multiple auxiliary services for the devolvement of our projects, which go from product transportation to specialized equipment and heavy machinery transport, distributor trucks, water wagon, craning services, clearing and leveling vegetable layers, trenching for plumbing and wiring in any required depth, among others.

The efficiency of our team and on-time project completion are the qualities that best represent and distinguish us from others.

Consorcio Remix does not only offer the services of supply and transport of aggregate materials for construction, but we also own leases of big mining concessions in the country for the stock of our own commercial operations but also those of our clients all over the country.

In this sense, Consorcio Remix manages activities such as quarry extractions with different types of materials: volcanic rock, limestone (Boca Chica*, Punta Cana*), caliche, base and sub-base material, etc., according to the specific needs and requirements of each client or the final use of the material.

Long years of experience in the mining sector, along with the usage of modern extraction techniques allow this company the maximum qualification to provide its clients with the technology most suited for their needs, allowing in this way an active conversation in the criteria that define the extraction technique convenient for each case (use of explosives, truck strength, fresado).

With its distinguished incursion in the mining sector, Consorcio Remix assures a stable and constant productivity for all its sub-products, capable of supply and satisfy the most demanding client’s needs as well as the growth of the national market. Currently, we are registering over 9,000,000 m3 of extracted material from different quarries and fronts throughout the country, leading Consorcio Remix to the highest level of volume management and making it, without a doubt, a leading company in the non-metal mining industry.

For transportation services, Consorcio Remix counts with an extensive fleet of heavy equipment, composed of over 120 vehicles specialized for transport and product haulage, with total capacities between 15 and 30 m3 per unit, to the mobilization of all types of machinery.

Other specialized transport vehicles in Consorcio Remix are concrete takers, water tankers, and flatbeds with capacity for up to 100-ton equipment. As an accessory, Consorcio Remix own a fleet of light equipment, composed by more than 55 mobile units, utilized to provide permanent assistance, from Daihatsu trucks to pick-up trucks and minibusses, to 30 passenger buses for transport and personnel distribution.

The key factors that make the difference between our services and others are the security and punctuality guarantees that only Consorcio Remix can offer, with a policy of continuous improvement that demands the constant upkeep of our fleet and other updates in today’s day and age. The annual incorporation of equipment in the lines of Consorcio Remix has been, according to the projection up to date, is around 8 units in the different categories.

Our company is highly renowned and qualifies for the quality and professionalism of its work, have been participants of the main roadwork projects in the country thanks to the structure of a team with vast experience in the area and the availability of the most varied and modern machinery employed for land movements. Consorcio Remix possesses a capacity to simultaneously manage product volumes superior to 10,000 m3 due to the innovative equipment used for project execution in its projects, becoming in some cases, the only company in the country that owns these.

This company offers the market a complete range of traditional equipment (tractors, bulldozers, road rollers, and backhoe), as well as other equipment from more specialized areas, as are:

– Fresadoras

A fresadora of pavement is a type of road repair equipment used in the maintenance of asphalt and concrete streets. It uses a strawberry-like gyrating drum to remove a wide strand of pavement at a predetermined depth before placing a new pavement which produces an economy in the projects. As fresadora machines are efficient, flexible, and easy to operate, they are extensively used for the upkeep and improvement of highway and municipal streets in many countries. Many of our main highways and private projects have used this system with optimal results.

Our fresadoras make rock cuts, producing an excavated material 100% reusable. The performance of the machines we have available go from 800 m3 to 1,500 m3 per day, per machine. The asphalt fresadoras are applicable in the renovation of asphalt paving in roads. It can eliminate the ruggedness, oil ripples, cracks, potholes, and dents in asphalted roads.

– Stabilizations

Ground stabilization is a technique applied for the improvement of base and sub-base materials in highways, which is achieved by adding to the martial died volumes of lime or concrete according to its needs. Consorcio Remix is a pioneer in the application of this technique which machinery created specially for this purpose.

Stabilized ground with lime or concrete augment significantly its carrying capacity, improving its characteristics and physical/chemical properties in the benefit of treated ground. This technique is also used in the sanitation of contaminated or highly humid ground.

The equipment used by Consorcio Remix for ground stabilization is managed by technical personnel experts in the application and is directly supervised by qualified professionals which allows us not only to guarantee results in out work, but ensure on-time completion.

– Trenchers

The ideal equipment in making ditches for the placement of plumbing and wiring. It offers diverse widths from 30 to 60 cm and its multiples as well as depths of up to 3 m. This facilitates the possibility of reusing the excavated material by an 80%, cutting down on the waste as well as purchasing and refill hauling.

With the use of this equipment we can obtain first-rate results in specific mining areas and some extraction processes by solid blocks, as well as the traditional uses in trench excavations, necessary for the placement of plumbing, wiring, or drainage. The trenchers vary in size and model according to the function and application on the field.

This equipment is so versatile that they can be used in an excavation in different applications depending on the width and depth of the trench and the hardness of the surface to be cut. Trenchers are managed by well trained personnel, capable of operation a team with the necessary care, reducing all risks and dangers.

– Asphaltic Emulsions

Used in surface treatments according to necessity. Consorcio Remix has an own production plant to meet the demand of any project os large scope. In this plant, a cationic emulsion of slow breakage CSS-1h (Cationic Slow Setting). The plant has a production capacity of 2,500 galons/h of emulsion. Because the production depends on received orders, the estimates production value of the plant is of 378,000 gallons per month.

The main function of asphaltic emulsion is to improve the conditions of adherence between the terrain and the asphaltic pavement mixture. The use of asphaltic emulsion offers as welll the following advantages:

  • The reparation of highways (potholes) is simplified even in adverse climate
  • Does not constitute a dangerous pollutant because of its application at room temperature as well as its high water content, from 35% to 40%
  • Because of its application at room temperature, it does not emit pollutants to toxic vapors into the atmosphere
  • Due to the low viscosity at room temperature, its manipulation and application is simple, safe, and fast which reduced the time trapic is interrupted.
  • It can be stored for weeks or months if during its storage it is reintroduced systematically into the emulsion to maintain its homogeneity
  • Low cost of the scattering phase (water)

– Asphaltic Concrete

As a competitive company, we count with the most modern plat in the country, localized in Punta Cana. Our systems are equipped to realize all types of mixes in the quantity and the quality of choice.

This product is made with an absolute control throughout the production process to achieve optimal results appreciated in smooth surfaces, without ruggedness, and prolonged useful life.

– Asphalt Application

We are the owners of a wide selection of equipment in diverse measurements and capacities necessaries for the application of asphalt. The fabrication of flexible pavement happens through a mixture of asphaltic cement AC30 with ground up the material of different granulate properties as required at temperatures close to 90 C, with the goal to obtain a manageable mixture that can extend and compact. This pavement is made with sales purpose and consumption of the contracts made by the company.

The asphaltic cement is binding and dense material that at room temperature become semisolids, usually sticky and of variable colors between dark brown and black. These binding agents are obtained by distilling with vapor the heavier residues of the petroleum fragmenting process.

– On-site Recycling

With hot asphalt using the Remixer and Remixer Plus Systems

– Foaming Asphalt

– Concrete Stabilizations

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