The company is a pioneer of road concessions in the Dominican Republic. Among them:

Northeastern Highway

It has reduced the distance between Santo Domingo and the Samana Peninsula from 220 km to 120 km, decreasing travel time from 4 hours to just 1 1/2 hours with an average speed of 80 km/h. The new road begins and the 20th km of the Las Americas Highway and runs through the country in a virtually straight line in an East-North sense.

The maintenance of the freeway includes right of way cleaning, ditches and sewers, treading band, asphalt flaws repair, bridge and metal barriers maintenance, among others. These activities are carried out on a continual basis and simultaneously along the way.

Description: Design, rehabilitation, construction, maintenance operation and told the collection of the Santo Domingo-Cruce Rincón de Molinillos highway. Length: 107 km.

Turistical Atlantic Boulevard

A project assigned to the road system of Nagua-Sánchez-Samaná-El Limón-Las Terrenas-Majagual, in the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Currently in its finishing steps and constitutes the second stage of the road system Santo Domingo-Samana.

Description: design, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance construction of the road system Nagua-Samana in its two gradients make up the basic component of the new and only South-North highway in the Dominican Republic, further called Santo Domingo-Cruce Rincón de Molinillos Highway. Length: 124 km (+17 km of new road).

Real Estate Development: Consorcio Remix has developed several real estate projects in Santo Domingo as well as Punta Cana and Haiti throughout the years, as much in commercial and housing projects.