March 28 2018 0Comment

Consorcio Remix starts small construction works Dam La Piña in Dajabón

Consorcio Remix will be responsible for the construction of the La Piña dam, which is carried out for the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI) in the Los Michel community in the province of Dajabón, with an investment of some RD $ 269.9 million and a deadline for execution of fourteen (14) months.
It is a work that is part of the process of optimization and development of the irrigation system in the country. The construction project of the La Piña Dam will make possible the integral use of the surface water resources of this important Northwest border region.
Within the scope of the project are the preparation of the impermeable curtain of the dam, the foundation earthquake resistant of the body of the dam and its related works on rocky stratus, the training and optimization of the storage vessel of the reservoir according to the designs and the road interconnection of the areas surrounding the project through the rehabilitation of roads in the area.